Financial Assistance is available & based on individual needs.

Web Based Counseling

· Email Session - $15.00 Per Person
1 email message from you and 1 response back from Counselor

· Private Session - $40.00 Per Person
One-on-one private mode of counseling (conducted in a private chat room)

· Group Session - $20.00 Per Person
Two or more counselees in a private chat room, Counselor manages all sessions

Online Discount:
$20 by registering for 3 Private Counseling Sessions.

In Person Counseling 
Due to space availability, God's Word can only provide web based and phone counseling at this time.

· Counseling Sessions - $40.00 Per Person

· Group Sessions - $20.00 Per Person

                                                    Phone Sessions 

. 30 Minute Session
- $20.00 Per Person

God's Word welcomes people of every faith or no faith. Our services are available to individuals, children and families.


Our Goals

To adhere to Biblical Truths.

To provide the best counseling services possible.

To provide a comfortable setting for the counselee.